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The old mindset is a Retirement Plan. 

The new mindset is a Living Plan.

No matter where you are on the journey, there’s hope for a bright future.

Your Living Season

Your Living Season, otherwise known as retirement, can be your greatest time of life!

With twenty-five years each of industry experience, Steve Ellis and Stan Rickner share practical insights and inspiration to retire forward—into a new season.

-Know how much money is enough
-Be prepared mentally—and emotionally
-Make Social Security work better for you
-Discover underused tax-saving strategies
-Invest for a retirement paycheck
-Create a lasting family legacy

“Steve and Stan have provided a simple yet comprehensive roadmap for rethinking retirement. The financial strategies that worked a generation ago are not serving us well today. Nor is the last generation’s definition of retirement. Many forces have conspired to hoodwink us into thinking our best years are behind us when we retire. The fact of the matter is that our most stimulating and productive years may well lie ahead. My encouragement is to lean on Steve and Stan’s wisdom and put it to use.”  

-Jeff Spadafora, Halftime Institute Director of Global Coaching Services and author of The Joy Model: A Step-by-Step Guide to Peace, Purpose and Balance